Well, hi there!

Here you'll find information about my open source projects. The sidebar lists all latest releases.

Click on a project's name to view details, like the README.md and the official documentation. Note that recommended installation for virtually all of them runs via either Composer (for PHP projects) or Bower (for Javascript projects) or Node (for Node projects). The download links are there for if you're curious :D

Want to hire me for a programming job or consultancy (perhaps on one of my open source projects)? Contact my company and I'll happily get back to you! My interest and expertise lies in the internet in general, high traffic sites, interactivity, PHP, Javascript (AngularJS, jQuery, vanilla JS) and NodeJS.

Besides a backend I can also program your frontend. I don't do design, though. Other people are way better at that :)

I also blog on a very infrequent basis, and I'm on Twitter and GitHub.